They are our clients, our friends, good contacts or just people we met in the crypto-community. They have new vision, they are running great projects, they are developing new services or they just want to share their story. Havas Blockchain is interviewing key people of the blockchain ecosystem.

We are today with Benjamin Athuil, founder of CareGame :

Benjamin Athuil, Founder of CareGame

What is CareGame ?
Our ambition at CareGame is to allow any mobile player on any smartphone to access a large catalog of games, without any download, thanks to our decentralized mobile cloud gaming service.

We want to build the future of mobile gaming, with a mission of solidarity: we increase the share of publishers’ revenues, and donate 50% of ours to charitable causes working on education, environment or health issues.
In the end, we want to PlayForGood, by leveraging the power of fun and gaming for a better society. We’re now 10 in the team, based in Paris and dedicated to improve mobile gaming experience while adding meaning. We think gamers can be daily heroes! And we think it can do good to the industry too.

How will CareGame be financed ?

We’re right now at Q4 2018 closing our first round of seed money from private investors : Business Angels who believe in our ambition and potential. They are tremendously important for the beginning of the project as it enables us to achieve our first goals in terms of development, building the team and getting the first contracts.

For the future, we’re keeping a close eye on the ICO market — our vision of decentralized hosting for cloud gaming and its underlying token economy are a good fit for such financial tool. It perfectly matches our collaborative and transparency values and, when well realized and with good market conditions, can turn being a very powerful marketing operation too.

How blockchain will transform the gaming industry ?

Definitely, gaming is among the most tailor-made industried for blockchain applications, for so many reasons that I’d better make bullet points than an endless sentence (i’m not Marcel Proust):

• The products are 100% digital
• The users are tech-savvy (when they’re not developers themselves!)
• There is a lot of competition between gamers (and hence, the need for a flawless trustable arbitration). A public track record of scores for example could bring much value.
• The industry is very diverse, with several platforms (PC, console, mobile), several types of games (indie, casual, MMO,…) .. and very different gamers behaviours !
• It is a very rapid innovative field, where game mechanisms can change quickly (rules too !)
• Gaming is characterized by a deep sense of both ownership and universality : gaming is about passion, and often, sharing.

Theoretically, I think the biggest challenge blockchain can solve in gaming could be interoperability. From a customer angle, it will give the ability to connect many types of games, with consolidated leaderboards, being more efficient at identifying frauds and bad behaviour too. From a publisher point of view, it can give more independence, but also more collaboration, creating closer bonds with gamers too, and of course less power (less opacity at least!) in the hands of third-party service providers.

In the end, blockchain can reduce so many frictions between players, between platforms, and in the relation with publishers. We can bring more trust, transparency and security for everyone, as well as more freedom to create!

That being said, for theory to be applied in practice, and see such changes happen, you have other issues to take into account, from both technical of commercial sides : such as scalability, user adoption or simply the will & readiness of industry leaders! Then dreams will become reality.

About that latter challenge from video game companies, we have to recognize good signs here in France : Ubisoft is for example very active in exploring blockchain possibilities. They already organized a great Hackhathon called Blockchain Heroes. It gave us the opportunity as well as 13 other teams to show what blockchain could bring to gaming, from trust in random lotteries (see PiggyBreaker project), to reflexions about reducing toxicity in multiplayer games. Our idea helping players to become heroes in their daily life by helping charities also seduced the jury, who rewarded us the 3rd prize! Such events are a perfect tool to help the ecosystem moving forward faster, connecting dots and developing new solutions.

Anyway, when you take a step back, gaming has often been at the cutting-edge of innovation, pushing forward the limits of technology. Just think about the GameBoy, or more recently the Nvidia Rtx GPUs amazing progress.

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