Four questions to Laurenz Apiarius, Managing Partner at Blockwall Capital

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2 min readDec 14, 2020


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Who are you?

Laurenz Apiarius, Founding Partner of Blockwall. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and am passionate about making deals.

Describe your Venture Capital company

We are a focused early stage investor in both blockchain infrastructure (token) as well as the complementary use of blockchain for superior B2B software solutions. On top of that, we have established the European arm of the largest blockchain think tank BRI in order to further bridge blockchain adoption amongst European corporates.

Could you tell us more about your investment thesis?

We are investing in teams that can match the industrial needs for major software upgrades leveraging blockchain technology. As such, we look for highly scalable use cases with multi-industry applications where our value add is both based on our entrepreneurial pragmatism that we provide to our entrepreneurs as well as connecting the dots with those corporates that we know are in need of such solutions.

How do you see the future of blockchain adoption?

Don’t expect a big bang like you saw it with the emergence of social media and e-commerce. But for the next decade we see the future primarily in providing a major upgrade in enterprise software all the way leaning into other close technologies such as AI, quantum computing and cloud computing.



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